Be responsible for your windows: authorities

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There were 27 cases of fallen windows from January to May 2014, according to Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) records.

Last year, there were 43 cases, while 2012 recorded a high of 71 cases.

The number of cases since 2000 are usually double-digit figures but over 100 cases were seen in 2003 and 2005.

There were no injuries from this year’s cases so far. With a significant number of Singapore’s population living in high-rise buildings, authorities advise homeowners to be vigilant about window safety and window maintenance.

In a blog post, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan wrote, “Windows fall because of wear and tear, and lack of proper maintenance. This is why we need our homeowners to check their windows, at least twice every year.”

6 June and 12 December are designated Window Safety Days and residents are encouraged to take a few minutes to ensure that their windows are safe.

Under the terms of the lease, HDB flat lessees are responsible for maintaining the windows in their flat in good working condition.





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